The Details- Howard County Historical Society Museum's Flood Exhibit

After the recent flood, the Howard County Historical Society Museum wanted to add an exhibit on the flooding that has plagued Ellicott City since its beginnings. Provided with a script and all the images they could find within their collections I designed the wall panels that accompanied the exhibit.

The Historical Society had records of 14 different floods but some of these had only images and some only data to accompany them. There were also a few floods they wanted to have as the main focus.  In creating this display I did not want to omit certain floods simply because there was no imagery or data. I wanted to convey how often over time flooding had occurred. 

To achieve this I created 2 separate sections to the display.  The top of the panel focuses on 3 different devastating floods while the bottom shows a timeline of flooding from 1786 to 2016.  The timeline became the perfect way to include all of the years sharing the small bit of information or imagery that was found.

Understanding that this panel was the focal point of the exhibit I did not want it to be a flat printed piece.  To give the sections separation the timeline was mounted onto 3mil sintra and then mounted onto the background print.  All of the images on the panel were also mounted onto 3mil sintra to add more visual interest.