Museum Quality from MS Word files?

We had a museum client that needed panels produced for an exhibit last week.  We received the .pdf files only 2 days before their deadline.  I opened the pdfs in Illustrator to verify the sizes requested and everything was created at 8.5 x 11.  Some of the panels were meant to be printed at 24 x 36" and larger.  Obviously there are a few issues here.  One enlarging a file to that scale is only possible with something of a very high resolution.  Secondly the proprtions of the layouts were completely off for some of the print sizes requested.  

After speaking with the person that created the files I learned that they were created in MS Word and that she had no previous design experience.  The museum was trying to save money and did not want to pay design fees.  So what do you do in this situation?  Some companies would just print the files provided and let the client deal with their mistakes.  We are not one of those print houses.  I couldn't send these files to print knowing that everything would be pixelated and off. 

I asked the client to provide me with the images used are recreated everything at the proper size including ADA specification for the text.  I adjusted a few things to clean up the design (limited the fonts and adjusted spacing) and in the end they received panels fit for their exhibit.